Our storm drains carry pollutants (untreated) and litter directly from our gutters to the beach!

In order to help improve the quality of our beaches, we need YOU to help us keep pollutants from entering our storm drain system.
If you see any of the following entering a storm drain (or gutter) please contact the City's
24 Hour HOTLINE 366-1553.
The City will send a representative to the site as soon as possible to handle the situation.
(Photo of Vactor)

Prohibited Discharges

Oil, gas, anti-freeze or other automobile fluids
Lawn Waste
Pet Waste
Household Chemicals
Building or home improvement materials, such as paint, grout, wet concrete
Swimming pool filter backwash
Water resulting from the powerwashing of driveways and sidewalks

By working together we can help protect San Clemente's Beaches and Watersheds.
Call 366-1553 immediately to report a spill.