Reduce, Re-use, Recycle (RRR) Program

Mission Statement:

To provide a healthy ocean/beach environment in San Clemente, by developing a community wide effort to improve the quality of our local waters.

1. To foster a level of awareness and involvement with all stakeholders.
RRR goal: To foster a level of awareness and involvement in Reducing, Re-using and Recycling through community outreach, by informing and engaging a diverse group of stakeholders including individuals, community and corporate entities. These may include: county, city, businesses sector, homeowner associations, schools, non-profits, churches, hospital, etc.

2. To educate the community on the impacts to our local watershed and foster a sense of ownership and involvement in protecting those waters.
RRR Goal: To educate the community on the impacts of litter to our local watershed and foster a sense of ownership and involvement in protecting those waters.

Click here for Stephanie Dorey's Video on Recycling

Additional and More Specific Goals:
Litter reduction and Solid Waste reduction To assist the City in educational outreach efforts to business owners, employees, homeowner associations, schools, City Facilities, and to bring increasingly more understanding and support and resources to WTF efforts to reduce litter ending up on our streets, in our open space, in our storm drains and on our beach
Promote the concept of Litter Free Beaches!
Achieve a minimum of 50% reduction in solid waste going to the landfill

To track and monitor City’s progress (and accountability) toward fulfilling AB 939 requirements, which is to reduce solid waste going into the landfill by 50%.
To encourage best management practices, by promoting RRR in partnerships with CUSD, for-profit and non-profits holding Special Events within the City, and at City Facilities.
To participate in Better or Blue Business Awards by having a RECYCLING category, whereby we can reward and recognize businesses for efforts toward reducing/re-using or Recycling. Example: Fisherman’s
To participate in Speaker’s Bureau by providing recycling (RRR) information appropriate to audience.
To assist city in manning recycling booths at special events
Hold Beach Clean-ups and Bulky Item collection days
Help develop Ad campaigns

San Clemente High School has come up with a way to put old computers to good use that will benefit the community. They collect old computers from companies and individuals that are upgrading. The High School uses their website to keep parents informed, to monitor attendance, and for teacher/student communication. This is in addition to using a computer as a tool for researching and doing homework. The high school has youth (many with younger siblings who will also be able to work at the computer) waiting to receive a system, with a modem, monitor and keyboard.