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The success of this program will be dependent upon dedicated sponsors and participants, who care so much about our beaches and clean ocean water quality that they want to get involved in making a difference.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Q. What is Adopt a Beach?
A. Individuals, Families, Businesses, Organizations or Clubs select an area of beach that they will be responsible for cleaning up, at least twice a month. They will be given a large litter and debris collection bucket, calipers (litter grabbers) and a data recording sheet. There is no fee to Adopt a Beach.

Q. Why has the Watershed Task Force decided to adopt this program?
A. Litter on the Beach is a problem! Litter comes from human activity. Public participation and “ownership” are critical ingredients in making a real difference in protecting and improving the water quality of our local beaches and the watersheds leading to them.

Q. How does litter get there?
A. Basically, litter is deposited on the beach in three ways:
1. It is carried through our gutters and storm drains (as urban runoff) to your favorite beach. As runoff flows over roads, bridges, parking lots, rooftops and other impervious surfaces to get to the gutters, it picks up anything and everything-- including many or all of the following ingredients: discarded plastic bags, dead balloons, fast food containers and cigarette butts, (trash and litter), dirt and sediments, household cleaners and soaps, chemicals, metal particles, brake pad lining, leaves, lawnmower clippings, pet waste, oil, grease and gasoline from car leaks, paints, fertilizers, herbicides, and seepage from faulty or blocked sewer systems.
These things end up on your favorite beach and in the water you surf, swim and play in.
2. It is deposited directly ON the Beach by careless beachgoers.
3. It comes from ships that are dumping in the ocean.

Q. Besides the UGLINESS and blight, why should we be concerned?
A. Trash, litter and debris act like little sailboats headed for the beach. Litter and debris can also provide a friendly environment where bacteria and viruses from pet wastes, and other sources, can grow. (Like Fungus Critters growing under toenails). Research indicates that there is an increased rate of illness (fever, chills, gastroenteritis, rashes, dysentery, hepatitis, ear, nose and throat problems and respiratory illness ) among people who surf, swim or play in or are exposed to bacteria laden ocean water.

Q. How can I sign up to Adopt a Beach?
You can sign up by contacting us via email or phone (949) 36-Ocean (62326).

Q. When I Adopt a Beach, what will I be doing?
You and your team will collect trash in your designated area. One person (or more) will collect the trash and another person will record the type of trash on a tally sheet. (ex. cans, plastic, cigarette butts, styrofoam, etc) The information is sent to the San Clemente Watershed Task Force where the data is recorded and tracked.

We have pictures and video of the Poche team in action, collecting over 100LB's of trash, check them out here

Adopt a Beach - It’s easy…it’s fun… and it’s FREE

To select your stretch of sand or for more information:
(949) 36-Ocean (62326)